Sales Exec

Albany, OR

Gadget Shop was established in 1987, and remains one of the largest international widget manufacturers. We have solid career opportunities, and are looking for quality employees that will share in our success.

The Account Executive will develop sales programs, implement strategies, set targets and prepare an annual budget. This position will report to the Sales Director. In addition, the Sales Associate will provide information about the products and services of the company to it's clients in order to increase the sales of the company, and provide support in developing long-term relationships with the clients. Some other duties of a sales associate are assisting in the development and execution of sales programs, and supporting the technical team by providing the details of requirements of the customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Should have full knowledge of customers and product.
  2. Keeping the focus on customers planning the sales strategies and setting targets.
  3. Directing and coordinating the marketing team with valuable information about the customers and product.
  4. Making the product visible in the market through publications, events and networking relations.
  5. Providing the management with research inputs, creative solutions and ideas. Developing sales plans and reporting the details of its implementation to the management.
  6. Participating in events, trade fairs, campaigns and conferences relating to the product or industry.
  7. Estimating customers on quotes quickly and accurately.
  8. Providing with leads for follow-up to the senior executives of company.
  9. Renew the existing accounts of customers with required details of service or pricing.
  10. Working with current clients in finding opportunities for new customers that may have a need for our products
  11. Maintain customer database for associated mailings, development, and marketing outreach opportunities
  12. Prepare renewal contracts and quotes for existing clients.
  13. Working on special projects with the team or as a part of team.
  14. Collecting feedback from clients to access possible improvements to existing products and also the need for new products.
  15. Provide the management with sales quotes.


  • Ability to function within a team environment or independently,
  • Ability to determine prospective customers
  • Self-starter
  • Good organizational and management skills
  • Must have customer service experience
  • Ability to understand the client’s business needs and address their problems
  • Must possess good communication skills, both oral and written
  • Must possess the ability to develop and maintain good relationships with clients

Other Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing or related field
  • 1-2 years of experience in sales related field

JOB CODE: 1000049